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Gift card - Giftcard

Carte cadeau - Giftcard

You can't go wrong with a gift card.
Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift unique.

A zero waste gift card! Give your loved ones an ecological and responsible gift… and give them the freedom to choose among our soaps available on this site, what they want or need!


The gift card allows you to please your loved ones while supporting a small artisanal business, with ethical and responsible values. Pass on your ecological convictions by offering a "zero waste" gift that respects the environment. After all, what matters most is the gift, not the packaging.


Nothing's easier !

🎁 Choose the amount you wish to offer (possibility to buy several).

🎁 The recipient will receive the dematerialized gift card (s) by e-mail

🎁 Enter the code shown in your shopping cart

Our gift card has no expiration date. So the recipient of your gift can take the time to choose what would make him happy and only when he needs it.


25 €


25 €
50 €
100 €
150 €
200 €
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