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All our soaps are made cold, from organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and unrefined organic raw shea butter - palm oil free - 100% naturally obtained glycerin - min. 7 to 12% to protect the skin as much as possible - essential oils perfume our soaps while clays color the soaps and gently care for your skin.

The desire to make organic, ethical and natural soap arose as a result of what we hear more and more often from scientists about chemicals, slipped into cosmetic products in mass distribution. We are aware of this and are committed to providing you with responsible soaps that are good for the skin and free from endocrine disruptors.

The choice of unrefined shea comes from the fact that the refining process removes more than 50% of the natural and useful properties of this butter, or even completely destroys them, depending on the process used.

We do not use any animal fat. The soaps are not tested on animals.

We do everything we can to ensure minimal packaging, no excess, just the right amount. We tend to use kraft paper as much as possible, in some cases and small reusable organza bags, in other cases to wrap soaps. It may happen that we reuse small boxes, initially received to have products or accessories delivered to us, to send orders. We are against all forms of unnecessary waste and tend to give a second life to boxes that are still in good condition and therefore reusable.

We believe that good, natural, ethical and organic soap should be available to everyone. Every effort is made to guarantee attractive prices. From time to time we set up a campaign to make a discount on the total price of the shopping cart.

In conclusion : Soap by Bea-Uty offers very gentle soaps that are both good for the skin AND for the planet! An ethical and responsible alternative.

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