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Shaving brush with wooden handle

Shaving brush with wooden handle

This old-fashioned shaving brush will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of massaging and caring for your skin.

It will provide a dense foam that will activate blood circulation under the beard and the soap will heal and nourish the most sensitive skin.

A pleasure of yesteryear that is within your reach, simple gestures, as gentlemen practiced them.


Option 1:

We offer you your shaving brush with a gift box + soap of your choice

Option 2:

You want to buy only the shaving brush, without gift box


A shaving brush is a delicate object, well maintained it can last many years, poorly maintained it risks losing its hair, sometimes just after a few weeks. It is therefore imperative to follow these simple and quick gestures each time you use them to take full advantage of them: rinse well, drain, wipe and dry your shaving brush immediately after use, upside down on a suitable support. The hair of a shaving badger does not like limescale, water that is too hot, or being locked in or staying wet for too long.

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