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Silk cocoon - natural exfoliant

Silk cocoon - natural exfoliant

Little novelty in the webshop, always in a natural spirit ...


Ditch the creams and other exfoliating gels to test a 100% natural method inherited from the beauty routines of the Empresses of Asia.


These cocoons are true gifts of nature. Pure and natural, they are additive-free. Composed of many amino acids acting as natural antioxidants, Fibroin , a protein that has exfoliating qualities and Sericin, another protein with moisturizing properties, silk cocoons act:

  • against acne, blackheads,
  • against dark spots and fine lines
  • firm the skin.
  • deeply cleanse your skin,
  • make the skin visibly softer and more luminous.


But still ?


  • Soft and organic, great for skin care,
  • With the holes cut out, it is easy to put your finger in it and makes facial cleansing more flexible.
  • Used with a surgras soap from our assortment, your skin will be clearer and smoother.
  • You can wash them with warm water and soap after use to reuse them.
  • Small but practical.


Before using one, you just need to let it soak for a few minutes in hot water to make it soft. Then you just have to put it on your index finger, like a thimble and rub it slowly on your face by making small circular movements!


Presentation: 6 evening cocoon balls in a small organza bag


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