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Natureo - nettle soap

Natureo - nettle soap

Cold saponified artisanal superfat soap. (in cure until 25/10/20).

Composition: organic olive oil, organic coconut, unrefined raw shea butter, castor oil.

Enriched with organic nettle powder.

8% fat. Light fragrance of fresh cut grass and eucalyptus.


Formulated with nettle leaf powder, shea butter and a blend of coconut, castor and olive oils, nettle soap transforms into a restorative glove for problem skin. Pure and very soft, it rebalances your skin, for a luminous result.

Approximate weight 80 to 85 grams. 2.5 cm thick.

Price per piece.


Cold saponified, it offers you a cleansing and calming treatment. Your complexion clears up, and your skin tightens. It regains its natural elasticity. This soap meets the needs of combination and problematic skin in search of an effective and adapted care.


- Nettle is an herbaceous plant rich in minerals which has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in affinity with skin prone to redness, itching and blemishes.

- Nettle is also a wild plant which regulates the production of sebum, naturally tightens the pores of the skin and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties reducing imperfections and redness.


This organic soap can also be used as a solid shampoo to wash dry, brittle or dull hair. Nettle gives them strength, shine and flexibility.

Nettle is also known to beautify the hair, fight against hair loss, balance oily scalps and cleanse problem skin.


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