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Magnetic soap dish

Magnetic soap dish

Powerful wall-mounted magnetic soap dish with suction cup for bathroom, allows for a storage system without perforation. Indispensable in a slow bathroom.


It is magical and easy to use. You just have to press the toothed part into the soap and attach the suction cup to your (clean) tile.

Easy as pie ! a little advice: make sure the surface is smooth and dry and wait a few hours for the suction cup to be firmly attached to combine the two and add your soap.


To dry your favorite soap on all sides and maximize its lifespan, use our magic soap dish. It is composed of a magnetic suction cup and a metal insert!

No more soft and sticky soaps!


Its strengths :

  • Durable and endlessly reusable
  • Practical and aesthetic in your bathroom
  • Adaptable to all forms of solid products
  • No hole in your tile
  • Soap can dry out
  • The little extra: no unnecessary packaging, as with all our soaps
  • Mother nature is satisfied


Materials :

  • Magnetic suction cup
  • Stainless steel insert


One last tip: clean it between each use to ensure its longevity and efficiency.


Other questions ? Do not hesitate to send an email to


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