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Bath tube "quiet & sensual"

Bath tube "quiet & sensual"

Salt bath(s) are recommended for their remineralizing benefits.

Our tube is combined with selected elements to promote relaxation.


Bath salt, composed of Himalayan salt known for its relaxing effects and dried flowers (dried rose petals and organic lavender) for a moment of relaxation.


Himalayan pink salt

  • Himalayan pink salt is an excellent regenerator, it stimulates cell renewal to fight against excess sebum.
  • Powerful detoxifier, it eliminates impurities and exfoliates the skin.
  • It has beautiful exfoliating and purifying properties for the skin and pores.
  • Its richness in trace elements makes the hair fiber stronger and healthier.

The salt can be used to prepare remineralizing bath salts, lotions or peels.


lavender flowers

  • Lavender is naturally soothing and relaxing.
  • It acts effectively on your skin to fight against aging.
  • Its properties are excellent for oily skin since it eliminates excess sebum.
  • It also has other virtues for the skin and the face since this plant helps to fight against wrinkles but also redness and imperfections.
  • Its use is also effective in tightening pores and healing the skin. 
  • Lavender has very effective antiseptic and fungicidal qualities in the fight against skin problems. 
  • It is effective for sleep problems, stress and anxiety and is an excellent muscle relaxant.


Moreover, ...

These tubes can be taken with you on a trip, on a weekend or... to offer to your guests at events, weddings, etc... For this, do not hesitate to send us an email at soapbybeauty@gmail .com to discuss your project together.



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